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Amber's legend
« le: 02 février 2007 à 16:57:10 »
On remet

Un conte que j'
ai écrit en cours

anglais... Excusez mon vocabulaire...

Once upon a time, on the other side of the milkyway, in a

far away kingdom, a king was making war on another king. One day, the

king, called Kyle lllrd, decided to fight with his army.
The other

king had a big army, and he killed lots of Kyle’s soldiers, and all his

officers. The army was desorganized.
A giant swordsman arrived

and cut the king’s right arm. Kyle lllrd cried. He decided to stay in

his fortress.
After the battle, the king became sad, and


« -Minister ! I want to kill all humans who are

taller than me ! And I want to cut all people’s right arms !

you sure, Mylord ?
-I had never been most serious in my life !! »

Not far from the palace, a young girl was fishing with her

Suddenly, a voice spread from nowhere. It said :

Order from the king ! All the subjects of the town must go in font of

the palace ! Order from the king ! »
The children stood up. The

girl asked her brother.
« -Selden, help me please.

course, Amber » And he stretched his arm to his young sister.

-Why me, Selden ? Why am I disabled ? Why do I have just one arm ? And

why not you ?
-I don’t know, little sister. I am sorry »

children ran towards the fortress, hand in hand.
They arrived

near the palace. Kyle lllrd, their king, was at the top of a platform.

He had a large bandage on his right shoulder, and he had not got his

swordarm anymore, but just an awful and bloody stump !

was shocked, but Amber’s face split in a large smile.
« -Now he

is like me ! He has not got his right arm ! »
But the king was

angry. He howled :
« -I am your king ! Next week, everybody will

be like me. Next week, everybody will only have the left arm. And if

you are taller than me, I will hang your head in font of my bed ! »

/>Amber and her brother were stunned. They left the palace as quickly

as possible. They stopped near the beach.
« -I hope that the king

would not cut my arm.
-dream on, Selden. Gods ! You are taller

than him ! I think he will cut… Your head !
-Oh Amber ! But… I

want to stay alive !
-Of course. Stop Selden. Quiet. Listen to me.

I have an idea. But… I need some help. We will steal a vessel, and we

will go in a secret Island.
-That is great ! I hope that lots of

my friends will go away with us !
-I hope… Let’s meet here

tomorrow morning. »

The next day, Amber arrived the first on

the beach, with her best friend, the only person who wanted to try and

make the journey. One minute later, Selden appeared with 3 lads.

/>« -Hey Amber ! They agree to try and make our trip ! come on !

/>-That is wonderful ! And my friend works in the harbour. It will be

easier to steal a vessel. »
The children walked towards the

harbour. The sailors were not still awoken. Very quietly, the yougsters

approached the bank.
Suddenly, they jumped on a galley, took the

oars and went away. The children sailed during an hour, and they

hoisted up the sails.
At midday, Selden, who was at the top of

the mast, cried :
« -Earth ! »
The band landed.
« -And

now, what are we doing, sister ? »
Amber was quiet.
«- We

have to save our town, our kingdom, and to kill Kyle lllrd, the mad

king !
-Yeah !
-Listen to me ! howled Amber. We have to train

with swords. Selden, give me your knife, please. »
The young girl

cut six sticks of wood. And the youngsters started their training.

/>At twilight, the were good. Selden decided to make bows and wood

swords for the next day.
They slept under the stars, in the

morning, they stood up very happy and very exited.
« -Wake up !

cried Amber, who was now the leader. We must attack the palace tonight

-Why ? asked her brother.
-Kyle will start cutting arms

today. Tomorrow, he will cut heads !
-That is right ! we will

kill Kyle tonight ! »
After a short training, they prepared their

material : Selden used tomatoes and bandages to belive that his sister

had cut her arm. They travelled all the day and arrived on the beach at

The band left discreetly the beach and ran towards the

Selden used his bow and killed a guard. Amber took the

guard’s weapons : a large sword and two daggers. She gave her friends

the daggers, and she sheathed the sword. She was the best, and she was

« -Follow me ! »
They entered into the castle.

Selden saw a servant, and asked him.
« -Can we see the king, sir

-It is not possible, boy. Who are you ?
-I am Selden, sir.

And she is my sister.
-And why do you need to see Kyle lllrd ?

/>-I want to speak with him, » replied Amber.
The man headed them

towards the king’s office.
Selden and Amber waited in a marvellous

Kyle lllrd arrived 3 minutes later.
« -King, I have to

make a deal with you !
-What sorts of deal, tiny kid ? »

was laughing. But Amber was unruffled. She gave him a cool and

mirthless smile.
« -I want to fight against you. The looser will

perish and the winner will be the King, or the Queen.
-I am for

it, little fool. »
The king was sure to win.
Amber’s blade

caressed the king’s chest. Kyle moved back. He was disapointed. The

fighters fought back in guard.
Kyle attacked her. She parried him.

Amber stroke the king’s legs, who was unbalanced.
Selden strike

him. Kyle lllrd felt down. He was scared.
Selden was laughing :

/>« -Hey Kyle ! Do you remember ? My sister is a tiny kid and a little

fool… But she is the queen ! Long life to the queen Amber ! »

/>Amber smiled to Kyle.
« -I am not nasty, is not it ? If i were

cruel, like you, I would have cut your fingers one by one, and your

But I am not nasty ! You have already lost an arm…

will hang you tomorrow, and the story will stop here ! »


for you, raeder, the story is not finished ! Amber decided to transform

her kingdom into a Republic, and the prime minister was, of course, her

brother Selden !
The national anthem was « always is brotherhood »

and the national slogan was « If you want, you can »

* *


« -The story is finished, children, said Grandpa. It is

time to go to bed
-What was the title of the story ? asked a tiny

-It was Amber’s Legend, the first president of our

-Good night, Grandpa, » yawns the boy.
Le langage n'est pas la vérité. Il est notre manière d'exister au monde.

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Re : Amber's legend
« Réponse #1 le: 21 avril 2007 à 14:31:39 »
J'ai lu ton histoire et le personnage du Roi, limite Pratchetien, m'a bien fait rire. Merci  :P


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