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« le: 10 décembre 2019 à 22:18:36 »

  J'ai écrit celui ci une nuit parmi d'autres, ou le sommeil et moi avons pris des chemins différents.
Pour seul éclairage, une lampe diffusant une intense lumière rouge.
Dehors, il pleut, une des premières pluies de cette année.
Alors qu'elle se heurtait à ma vitre, dans une mélodie chaotique, mais toujours rassurante, j'ai attrapé un crayon, et mon carnet.

That crossroad is just a trap, hiding more and more darkness as you’re choosing your path. 
I’m on a raft, endlessly drifting away from my truth, 
And oh, one day, lady Bliss will be tired of taking me by the hand, 
Saving me again and again from drowning into my memories.
I wish I could prevent them to enter my mind, 
But I’m so broken, I ended up closing the door to everything, 
Becoming lesser and lesser human each day that passes by. 
I feel like the only thing that is capable of making me feel something 
Is when I take a pen and sit on my chair, writing down in neurosis,
Every little thoughts that bloom into my head. [Break]
That is all I got, and I wish I’ll never again let anyone punish me for it. 
Because that punishment brought me to the most serious writer’s block I had in my entire life.
Of course I’ve got my part of responsability in this. I could have defended myself. 
I could have say No. But when it comes to my feelings, I’m suddenly all weak. 
Accepting that weakness took me a long time. 
At a point it came to me as evident I needed emotions to live. I needed to feel things. 
But soon, I became addicted to the violent side. The rawest the emotion is,
The more I’ll enjoy it. Sometimes, I’m even becoming sick, just to feel a little more. 
Maybe it will turn out to be a bad thing someday, maybe I’m fucked up, 
Fact is, it allows me to relieve myself a bit.[Break]
I can sense purity in all things and still think about it in a perverted way.
If I could just close my eyes on some comfortable thighs and be relieved, 
Feeling the air on my cheeks, and patiently waiting for the first snow flakes
To chill our passion.
Lady Bliss can you hear me, wandering in the great black screen? 
I finally find a place where I can breathe.
Because there is no shadows to be afraid of, in a place there is no light.
        - [X]

Les [Break]s et le [Breathe] sont mes repères, comme je performe ces textes.


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