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DNA [Xplicit Lyrics]
« le: 24 mars 2018 à 09:17:21 »
I was in McDo in front of a pile of empty greasy wrappings, so I thought : while I'm dying of uberfatorgy, why not write a little US rap?

Had fun jerking off cliché after cliché over some mental ol'school Eric B. beat.

Next one 'll be better !



Lâ attakallamu l’ ‘arrabiya
Y naõ falo portugues
Non parlo l’italiano so I’ll talk in English
If you wish
Come swim in my flow like a fish in hot milk
Sing my song while you wash your dish

No allegiance
A dog without a leash
ADN is my name
A new man in the game
I have no fame just some paper and my pen
I got nothing to claim but like an asshole here I stand
At the end
I want a free drink in my hand

Today no mood for creation
Out of imagination
But when you lack inspiration
And want to make impression
There’s an old tradition
A rapper's institution :
Use words in -ation

I can write any crap for a kebab or a kiss
A cigarette or a glass
I’ll trade a poem for an apple
A tweet to see a nipple
A joke to make people laugh when I’m in trouble

But my expertise lies in erotic stories
I wanna spread desire like a venerial disease
To mix sex with text don’t expect some Dostoievsky
The axis of my practice is « Dick meets Pussy »

Did you get this : Yeah, I’m crazy
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