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Titre: Rain filter
Posté par: Dot Quote le 05 décembre 2019 à 22:53:49
Rain filter
As I walk I spread my steps backward, from this never-starting place that à left for my walk, infinite mesure about a self-care where my legs are acting a flavoured health with no sens...

But when a drop fall, the last or the first, I realise that I'm not under the dry scale of the universe that make your way to become safe, a hat or an umbrella, which one of these things I love to forget sometimes, when it rains a starting dance.

My foots make me perceive their own rigidity in a street-lake I did not saw in time... Whatever, water may be as liquid as it is, I'm still a lonely walking human with no headset for a certain type of confort I absolutly want to refuse. So I stamp the street-river, I make my print which disapparition is so instantly effective that I don't notice it. The eyes all over the wind, I breath the clouds beating my shoulders. Proud I am not to fear the storm, even if it's a little one, a pretty little storm I want to keep in my hands... I fill a bowl, so slowly !