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Titre: Land of razors, floor's sharped
Posté par: Dot Quote le 06 août 2018 à 18:26:15
Purrfection is not an ideal
Cats live it every second you look at
Their tiny paws they just want you to incorporate
Smile when you're favorable
Cats far away from the earth to the stars
They want to escape and mindcalculate a brainy plan
Shine with all your grace
Cats alones in the space searching for peace
Call the mighty ocean of your heart the broken light of ace
Supremacy about human race
Cats capslocked on the other side of the other face
Thou wantz a chizburger right now and against them you race
(My mind is juste a shitty phrase)
(I don't pulled a point at the end of because)
(I'm alive and never want to be in an other way of purpose)
(Liberty is not in the data base)
(Cats will find a way to outsides of our faith)