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It's midnight soon
« le: 18 mars 2013 à 20:32:01 »
On joue bien plus inconsciemment, franchement, simplement, avec une autre langue qu'avec sa langue maternelle :

It’s midnight soon
Or noon I guess
Light on your dress
Come on show me your mess all right it’s not the moon
I mean this light outside is not the moon’s

Let us just sleep now
We both got dust in our mouths
You know by dint of chewing each other’s wings and all
Go on
Tell that to the marines
Or anybody else for what I care

You’re sore
Or less or more the same.

The ink spot low blood on the floor opened up cocoon smoking bird in between your shoulders sweet tweeting tits for that bullet-proof chest black butterfly in the snow
For what I know
It could be anything
It is quite moving though it’s moving quite too slow crawling back to the sea
It will be dry as a look before it gets there
It moves
I’d say enough to see itself
Maybe even in a few dimensions you see

And it knows
Any eye’s slippery hollows

We’re going on the butterfly in case you knew no more
Sore spot sour root sewers rout sauerkraut boots riots too yes but
But why would you wonder why and what and how

My sleepy flow you know
My sloppy slow
My show

I see you frown dearest
You’re often very pretty as you know yes you are pretty
Unsightly the way I see you currently
So put your gown back on will you
The light’s too crude and I’m too rude to keep it silent any longer

Right out right out
Insults usually slip on my skin
But my fault was
To forgive yours
A bit of salt on his tail the smoking bird’s locked up in his rage again

The night restored
Let us just sleep now gun down that open door
Let us just clean the floor before
In short
Let us just skip the eve the blinking twilight the refrain the love is a potion the love is emotion picture
I want none of the pupa buds papillaless kisses and marshmallow catching fire of yours anymore


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