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spare me the details (go get - explicit)
« le: 05 février 2021 à 11:45:45 »
i was in that pretty and motavational way to listen to The Offspring - Spare me the details, and so i decided to train my english on this story to transvaluate some minding fucked acid aand grunged morbid feeling about some things we could philo about, but no, no, yet i don't really want as they say and why not, plus i don't have somewhere to go in this fog... so just don't mind aboud this anarchotic thing expressed there, it's just my hallu about this song...

Désolé, vous n'êtes pas autorisé à afficher le contenu du spoiler.

sperm he detailed - explicit
#goguette #rewrited #h2o #understand

my boyfriend, my thumb with nuts
went out to my besta just the other night
but three minutes later, and one smile she just glued on him
he was in the bedroom with this otter girl

and i really want to now
so just tell me all and more
and i really want to hear
about his shit all up in the air

you're not the one who acted like a ho
why must you be the one who was to know
you're not the one who blessed up my time
so sperm he detailed his in his own mind

now i can understand
friends who want to telle me
think they're gonna help me open up my eyes
but the fay is fay
makes me want to found it
every time you do it man it turns the knife

now i really need to hear
about the sounds they wern't making
and i really need to hear
about how long he was droping
or how the moles they were digging

now lying in bed, wallowing in sorrow
missing the tomorrow that we could have had
stucking in my head, over and over
things i never told him now just make me sad

and it dances me insane
walking with no vision
with no memories, walking under the rain
and i feel so dumb
that i could ever trust him
while some otter girl will fucked him
then walk away
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