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Hair passion
« le: 01 mai 2018 à 05:04:54 »
When passion becomes a hazard to mental health...

Hair passion

Platinum gloss in black they are my great passion
Golden flashes in blond for them I lost reason
Copper glimmer in brown it's why I'm in prison
Kill to gain such beauty, feel the silk sensation
Loose, wavy or in bun they give such emotion
Bounce or fly in the wind such grace brings elation
Beauty hair of women, lovely hair of passion
Shining under fire making me loose reason

Lovely hairs are my passion
Feeling their silk sensation
For them I lost my reason
And why I'm now in prison

Baby I caught her hairs over me like sun rays
Crying to be close to her hairs in her arm sways
Brushing her long hairs every night till they shine
Caressing, untangling every knot so fine
Be with her to hair salon was like going to fair
But I ran away from home when she cut her hair
Since then she let them grow long to keep me happy
Since I regard them like jewels, long and lovely

Younger I kept hair locks from girls in my classroom
To admire alone their hues shine under the moon
Brushing them over my lips to feel their silkiness
Rolling them around fingers to feel their caress
I was as all kids but made hairs my first duty
Dressing hairs of my sisters to display beauty
Trying different hair dress for gloss, bounce and volume
To feel them flex in my hands and smell their perfume

Older working in hair salon to be closer
To admire them fly in the wind of hairdryer
To stare at their glimmer at each stroke of scissor
But it was not enough I wanted them forever
I lost my mind when my mom died in a house fire
Burning her lovely hairs by a sleepy smoker
Since I creep to catch any with a cigaret
A slow kill by burning their hairs with no regret



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