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My sun
« le: 16 octobre 2017 à 06:47:37 »
I am trembling. The warmth has gone and you are no longer my sun.  I am cold because nothing was left unsaid. Every  dangerous answer was shot through our minds and now we're disarmed, condemned to embrace silence as our only common language.

It was supposed to be goodbye. Wasn't it ? Your face and my face hiding from each other knowing that the truth was released, preventing our eyes to ever meet again. But sometimes I wonder, what kind of poison did you use to blind me? I can't remember the colors of happiness, beauty is now a senseless word in my universe.

I am looking for a cure, not for you, not for us , but for myself. I am so cold, my skin keeps breaking into shivers and I am hoping to be born again. Grief is a step for renewal, but please don't forget that it is not the loss of you that I am grieving but rather my own.  I am learning to be brave, I am learning to stand through the pain, I am learning that my body is the tool of my strength.

Every tear that I shed is the witness of my humanity not the result of your mistakes, and every time you looked at me thinking I was yours, you were only feeding your pride.

You see, I am praying for the light to return so I can shadow each of my fears. My voice is quiet but it is thunder, and someday You will hear its echo in your heart, reminding you of the day you killed me, reminding you that your cowardness was responsible for the birth of a warrior soul, reminding you that your power has faded away and that you are no longer my sun.


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