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Only the scarce resources are the most valuable— Here was our anthem not far ago. We were part of a secret organization that ruled almost anything in this world. Your life, your time, your dreams, even your finance and children’s future were under control. Everything was going so well, or at least, almost, until we took ourselves for God.
It all began ten years ago when some of the most talented midshipmen of my generation and I challenged ourselves to make history to never be forgotten. We were supposed to be the brightest minds the Balance Sanctuary has ever known. But Instead of scrupulously following the protocol to prove ourselves, we were just as young fools searching for original concepts to experience some new vibes and strong sensations. The equalizers, our elders, stopped calling us the miracle generation as soon as they've got wind of our projects for the least conventional. They became lot more suspicious as we started questioning the merits of the sanctuary. Our strong appetite for changing this world in our convenience definitely made up their mind. They led off watching us more as a plague than anything else. However, The elders have chosen not to interfere in this minds game challenging already the ancient codes. Unfortunately, none of us had no idea of the consequences of this chess-like contest, that we were playing at the expenses of the world wide citizens to keep our rivalries alive. This insane competition gave birth to both currents of thoughts: the Wipeout prevention act and the Replica initiative; concept of which I was the originator and main designer. In spite of being two diametrically opposed concepts, Wipeout and Replica artificial intelligence, both obeyed that same maxim implying that only the scarce resources are the most valuable… Wipeout main ideology was about the rarefaction of the human species... Behind that heartless and cold stone doctrine, the annihilators had in mind to reduce by a third the world population in the next couple of  decades throughout drastic measures such as austerity, taxation, disparities income, shortages, wars, pandemics and all sort of natural disasters. They had several levers on occasion and on top of it all, they knew they were invested through all the powers to restore balance by all means necessary. The fewer people, the better living just sounded like an unflagging war cry chanted day by day by the wipeout followers. The Sanctuary red factions truly believed exterminating entire populations could only revalue human being comparatively to natural resources, raw materials, goods and services and mostly, money supply….But as one can see more than eighty percent of the world's wealth in the hands of one percent of the richest, it was pretty much obvious that something went wrong in the balance…The system became obsolete and irrelevant, the wipeout calculations as well. So we, as replicators, decided to optimize the whole system by turning the corners with our skills and natural ingenuity. Our prior playgrounds were stock markets and cryptocurrencies. We barely had few hours ahead of Wipeout to launch the saveX and Catalisys programs, pick a few people up in the selection and get them out of the traps of wipeout for making them rich enough to change all those lives that can be literally improved, a bit more like a snowball effect… Generally, after the blackout, that necessary  time we need for a fair and optimal redistribution of resources, everything disappeared and vanished forever, like nothing ever happened. But somewhere, somehow, someone had to pay the price within this zero-sum game. Always! Unfortunately this time, it was us. We got caught breaking most of the rules raised by the elders. Since that day the sanctuary was forbidden to any replicators. Like scurrilous beggars, we were casted out of the balance sanctuary, condemned to live among the common man until we passed away. No one could imagine, therefore, this unexpected turn was part of the big plan initiated by Replica itself. It was just the beginning of a long war between replicators and annihilators...But we still had a leg up on wipeout, especially with our fast-moving modeling adjustment and accurate projections, gently provided by Replica, besides few sentinels still operating inside the sanctuary….Now we left The Sanctuary, people called us the Fallen Ones...The equations became more complicated as we kept fighting our enemies in open fields. The mission was nearly impossible. Anytime we created additional value to help desperate people— dreamers, creators, new entrepreneurs, promising artists, social activists or war victims— Wipeout made all trace of virtual, electronic, fiduciary, gold or cash payments disappear the next couple of months, days or hours. It all depended on the complexity of our algorithms and speed at which wipeout happened to decrypt the codes. Our clients had to spend it all well as fast as they can. However, there was always retaliation and meanwhile the confrontation went violent. No need to mention, It ended up sometimes in a bloodbath. Although, we all know the risks of the job. Some of mafia–like organizations we infiltrated, drug cartels, bank robbers, vulture funds, investment banks we’ve been working for, isolated tax evaders, money launderers, all kind of greedy folks who lost their gains through our good cares were still craving for taking back what’s theirs the day before….As long as i could remember, none of our single collateral damage has ever asked for being the joke – or merely willing to move on next. Unable to figure out where their money was gone amid those fast–moving transactions, they never ceased to run after us looking for a compensation. Somebody had to pay the bill anyhow. And Wipeout was eager to help them reaching us to balance accounts. This inherent danger was now part of the occupational hazards. We had to move from place to place, remove our tracks, change identities and protect our customers until they reach their goals while getting untouchable.....
I’d like to think of us as kind of Robin Hoods of modern times but it would be quite lying to myself. We were just some smart ass thieves in white collars brought into something bigger than ourselves. Except for few of us living still by the sanctuary old code of honor, we were nothing but over gifted little shits good at these cat-and-mouse petty games and addicted to adrenaline. Those who left the sanctuary earlier and resolutely decided to put themselves on the good side, were trying so hard to redeem themselves with a good conscience by fighting the Wipeout conspiracy, hoping one day to end up on a golden beach, sunbathing and sipping cocktails, spending their money and drinking expensive bottles of wine all day long, in the shade of beautiful mermaids for the rest of their lives. Each challenge we threw ourselves whenever we hacked the system on purpose, were often rewarded by the pot of gold – a sort of consolation prize to motivate the morale of our troops...
Lately, our little war began to threaten the existence of the Sanctuary. So, the equalizers have decided to put an end once and for all to these shadow battles. The elders who vowed to protect the sanctuary being anonymous and staying impartial, betrayed the neutrality of the Sanctuary by giving all the powers to annihilators to erase us definitely from the surface of the Earth. In this manhunt, Wipeout did have an ultimatum to kill us all. Our days were counted. My biggest fear, then came true. Replica just activated the pilot phase of the survival plan......
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