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life accuracy : failed
« le: 08 juin 2022 à 21:03:32 »
it could be read
or not
cause i don't know

life accuracy : failed

#english #instant-shot #anthill #where ?

words themselves
i swear

life accuracy : failed

they've been so many times in this box ; ants could probably testify that boxes won't let you go out without a little more than a peaceful satisfaction to be or not to be, meanwhile some of them are not as ants gliss on special glues in no-cap museums, antariums against this other piece of pine nails, crossed by my way in a mountain, what a city far, far away from ours, i fear them and their box, as ants maybe doesn't feel the need to beat the fluid when so many prisons keep them alive, and there ?

it was not
as i expected

but if i suppose that could explain a title like this one was to be unfold in a what-a-way like this one, maybe it could also traduce it-self... i shot, missed, that title...


"crois pas qu'un diplôme va rattraper ta vie d'môme
t'as qu'à chercher mon coeur si tu trouves ça facile
this is your last warning a courtesy call
mes pelures sont plus belles que vos fruits"


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