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James Reuteurs is an emeritus cop of the NYPD. A stock market crash just caught all attention on Wall Street—and too many dead bodies are buried the next couple of days. Despite the evidence, there's no way it could have been a coincidence for our top detective...Five years later, Jim was still obsessed with this morbid case of abnormal events among which he was the helpless witness of a bunch of death, including the suicide of his own brother John, he had not seen for nearly twenty years. In the process of making this personal, his secret investigations led him to a dark conspiracy...Before ending his life, John left to Jim a series of clues to find out who was responsible for this carnage. A secret organization called the Pandora Box Corporate has been operating for years in the shadow of market schemings. Their main job was to bait the "big fish". The next stage consisted in pushing the targets to make a bet on the so-called investment of the year which actually proved to be a big fraud. Once they've got completely ruined, they were offered a second chance to recover their company with all the money they've lost. But they first had to sign a firm and irrevocable contract barely hidden by a deadly clause of non disclosure. But at what cost?!!! In this hell of a redemption box, an unlimited credit card was given for each member of this club whereas every return on investment until the very last coin was directly sent in a common bank account that keeps moving from a place to another _ according to fast-changing algorithms setting around a very complex distribution key that seemingly relied on a ruthless principle of natural selection _ to best serve the interests of the true instigators over this dark project... Besides this agreement, they had only one assignment: bring 3 $ billions back in less than 3 days or they just die_ all murders covered up as suicide_ otherwise, their family should pay the price. The more they spent the more their days were counted. The only way out was making the most profit...Hunted down by the vultures _ some mercenaries in the pay of the corporation _ the last survivors have no choice but making alliances. Between survival instincts, treason, greed and manipulation, these money makers and elite of traders and hedge funds managers issued by the cream of the crop in upper Manhattan_ except for few outsiders _ were determined to postpone the countdown. Their final motivation was to survive as long as possible for taking down the heads of this lethal organization. As they turned out to be pledging allegiance to greater evils to stay alive, nothing seemed to stop them until an unexpected guest made his return from the dead. This ghost from the past was nobody else but Jim, stepping in the shoes of his twin brother John, they all thought was gone forever. He was naively hoping to gain their trust by suddenly faking amnesia. Purposely trapped in this vicious circle, Jim found himself breaking all the rules, he has once sworn never to infringe no matter what the circumstances dictate him, but brotherly love revealed to be much greater than any promise or solemn oath. He had just crossed the red line exceeding so far the number of federal statute offenses ever recorded in a short period of time. Nevertheless, Jim wasn't less motivated to find out the true reasons of his brother suicide and stop once and for all those who were responsible for his death..
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