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Clock is ticking — and the federal agent Mike Mullins is on his way to get a warrant of arrest for the Royal Investment Board while discordant voices in his hierarchy were surreptitiously arising to nail the lack of evidence...
Obviously, powerful hands conspired behind his back to stop him from investigating further. However, it was just a matter of time to bring this case to court since he met the Senator Kathryn Jumpkings and the Federal Judge Paul Cummings. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, it turned out the judge Cummings was trying to save time for some reason he haven't yet considered as an obstacle. Most of information from this secret probe leaked before he was able to launch the legal proceedings to put the guilty as charged behind bars. He no longer had any doubt that his best ally has been compromised. An alert suddenly caught his attention — a former KGB agent who pretended working for the CIA was found almost dead agonizing in the strong-room of the convicted Bank. The victim proved to be one of his prior source of information— Igor Medvedev....
Six months ago, agent Mullins was going through his daily routine, checking all day different anomalies up on capital investments over the stock market and then— reporting any violation to the financial crime division of the FBI. Except this time, it was little bit different. As the sun came up like every morning, Mike was already at the office, comfortably sat on his favorite chair, next to the window, working early on his desk computer when a relatively abnormal chart popped up on his screen. By the time he got focused on another hot case he haven't done yet inquiring about, he noticed a dysfunctional event occurring on his computational database system — a huge decorrelation between the simultaneous progression of consecutive net banking incomes and market capitalizations quite performed by the Royal Investment Bank over the past few years. All this mess left him speechless for hours —This silence became particularly disturbing as he started scrutinizing in a dynamic analysis the frequency of key ratios such as the speed related to the price to cash flow «price/cash flow» fluctuations which was likely to increase the cyclical skin effect throughout the financial network and dangerously impact on the other economic agents operating on the market...Agent Mullins was way too experienced to overlook the fact that such terrific results might be attributable to the machinery of an underground economy. Thus, he kept digging deep and deeper. Through a mutual contact who was still working at Langley for the CIA, he was able to get some confidential informations over the shadow activities of the investment Bank. Those compromising files seemingly came from the famously untouchable Igor Medvedev, a dangerous double agent hiding from the FSB and russian secret services in United States since the end of the Cold War. He had lost all accreditation for having sold state secrets for years to both governments.
Today, the unexpected death of Igor appeared to be the last shot for Mike to put an end to a long series of investigation by having access to all the secrets lying in the strongboxes of the Royal Bank Vault...Before Mullins and his teammates realize they've been set up, a criminal squad just showed up to fake a bank robbery in the R.I.B headquarter. Those ruthless killers were paid for only two tasks, first cleaning up the house and secondly steal the red box just dropped by the double agent few hours ago before he died. Mike, his teammates and everyone else in the building aware of this hot case had to be all dead by the Dawn.....The main information the bank robbers haven't been told, but Mike with his team discovered earlier in the strong room, is that the Medvedev red box contained highly radioactive materials and whoever getting too close instantly died... In this machiavellian plan, nobody was supposed to survive and get out safe of this damned building. Mike and few teammates who survived knew it since the moment they saw this old stunted body left for dead and yet covered with bloody eruptions in front of the vault. They made it to the crime scene too late. Medvedev just passed away an hour ago leaving behind him many questions they were about to figure out the answers at their own risks and perils...Few times later, a tactical support team of decontamination took over the thieves assault team to get the job done after stealing all the content secretly hidden in this vault...These strongboxes were a kind of life insurance that the bank has held for years to protect itself against the unorthodox clientele it has been accommodated — private financial networks for secret organizations, money laundering to clear up organized crime business, secured funds transfer intended for financing religious fanatics and terrorist groups, crypto currencies transactions and offshore bank accounts to corrupt officials and high level government executives, were all part of the loyal services provided by the Bank.. It sounds like too many people were interested in those boxes of inestimable value and not everyone stuck in this toxic house were actually who they pretended to be...
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