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Auteur Sujet: A fish in the water or a dumb in the crowd  (Lu 1438 fois)

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A fish in the water or a dumb in the crowd
« le: 26 octobre 2015 à 18:40:36 »
A fish in the water or a dumb in the crowd

  Do you like morons? You know, those village idiots who make you feel like genius. Or do you hate them? Because they can’t understand how intelligent and wonderful you are. Well, I used to hate them. But I met Chris.   

  Chris looks like the others village idiots: he’s ugly. What’s more, he squints. But let me tell you about his life. He lives with his mother, in Gisier, where he was born. When he was a kid, he was so dumb he couldn’t go to school. And instead, his father would send him in the town to say hello to everybody. And that, he did. Every-single-day. From 7 in the morning to 7 in the evening. Now he’s going without his father telling him. And if you go there, you’ll see that grand fellow waving and smiling at you and throwing some cheerful “Huh!” And that’s all his life. He’s done nothing.
  But he’s happy. More happy than most of you who’ve done things. He’s so happy he won’t stop smiling. He’s happy because he’s waving and just perfectly fits in this world.
  We should think like Chris (well, maybe we should stop thinking because he’s so dumb I wonder if he’s thinking anything at all). But he’s teaching us to be happy with what we have.
  Chris is the greatest fellow in the world and an example of happiness. Thanks to him, I don’t hate dumb people anymore, I envy them.
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Re : A fish in the water or a dumb in the crowd
« Réponse #1 le: 25 novembre 2015 à 22:38:56 »
J'adore ! Ton texte m'a fait beaucoup rire, j'ai passé un bon moment. Comme on dit, heureux les imbéciles, même si je dirais plus simple d'esprit pour son cas.

the other village idiots
Soit il faut mettre un s à "other" également, soit ne pas en mettre à "idiot".

his father used to send him
Là je mettrais plutôt "would" à la place de "used to".

“Huh !”

Il faut enlever l'espace avant le "!" (pourquoi faut-il que les Français fassent tout différemment ? :P)

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Re : A fish in the water or a dumb in the crowd
« Réponse #2 le: 26 novembre 2015 à 17:51:29 »
Merci Pandothiel ! J'ai changé tout ça   :mrgreen:


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