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« le: 23 septembre 2019 à 10:40:16 »

On this where-from-flag Earth
I made my new-child-birth
An inked-stamp on official-paper
Which shared myself to others

Boom ! Pushed out ! Up-to-down !
That eternal falling, my bless
Internal feeling, I guess

I used to think that I might be just
Something else than a piece-of-dust
In this self-where-one universe
But anyway, any-while is resversed
When I look forward for many words
That I spread
As I bleed

They said
Stay mad

And I pray sometimes
To reach a few rimes
Pretending to what-we-won't
Defending is-to-be in this count
Tes diamants

- SCH -

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Lamb the letter - Ravor
« Réponse #1 le: 08 octobre 2019 à 07:23:54 »
Ravor - Lamb the letter

My lightning froggyness
Bluring objects aren't less
Substitued by dreams
Are they just real
Not even if
I have to leave
As they believed
Or that I loved
For the forgiveness
Crying subjects aren't messed
Cause they pray that doubt
For what I may have thought
Burriing a fluffy-one-dark-drop
Of liquid masque that I hope
For all those who make me smile
Or those who take this for a while
They understand what is blessed
Tes diamants

- SCH -


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