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Titre: Haunted memories
Posté par: estella23 le 07 décembre 2019 à 23:55:59
If you could chase the memory of this terrifying feeling,
This cold dark pain that you can't seem to forget.
If you could forgive the people that have hurt you
to the point that they made you want to disappear.
If you could live only for a quick instant without the astonishing sound of your brother's screams and the salty taste of your tears.
If you could sleep at night without reminiscing of the deep fear that lies with you every single day.
If you could feel safe in a world that has only told you that you were worthless.
If you could have listen to them when they said you had to eat if you wanted to stay alive,
But you didn't.
All you wanted was for that pain to stop, you wanted someone anyone to see how lonely and awful you were.
You wanted to protect him you didn't want hurt to suffer like you did,
You wiped his blood of the living room floor.
You tried to forget, with all your heart you did what you could just to forget,
The smell of his blood and the feeling of unbearable pain you felt because you couldn't protect him.
It didn't matter if no one protected you as long as you protected him
But you failed and now you are only left the demons inside your brains
That would rather eat you alive than make you forget.