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St Ilmore (EN)
« le: 13 mars 2019 à 19:46:45 »
Found this in my drafts from about three years ago.

St Ilmore

Her skin was bright, imperfectly
She was the Lady of the Night;
I would sit down and dreamingly
Paint her until I lost my sight.

She's now the Queen of all the stars:
She is the prettiest up there,
Sadly she's had too many scars
To further fight this long nightmare.

You'd think it is an odd belief –
I could so prove how wrong you are!
When greyish clouds, so mocking are
Just hide the moon, trigger my grief.

I've travelled, moved and then arrived
To some nice city. Flower bloomed
And kids were laughing, no more doubt:
I'd see the moon for death was out.

The sky was clear that night, maybe
I would perceive a little more
Then what I usually see
Beneath the clouds of St Ilmore.

I felt your presence, pale and bright:
The moon reminded me of you.
I will never forget the light
From the last time that I saw you.


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